Born in São Paulo, where she lives and works. Holds BA degree in Architecture and Urbanism from PUC, Campinas, MA degree in Communication and Semiotics from PUC, São Paulo, and PHD by the same program with the thesis about contemporary art Maps to disorient – and territorialize environments and bodies (2014). Since 1994 she has participated in several individual and collective art exhibitions, in São Paulo, at Galeria Eduardo Fernandes, Paço das Artes, SESC, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de São Paulo, Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro, among others, and Galerie Sycomore in Paris. She is the author of Identities – The production of difference in contemporary art, by Editora Intermeios, São Paulo, 2014.

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    The Production of the Difference in Contemporary Art

    The book deals with the sense of identity in contemporary works of art involving issues that are left outside the usual categorizations. Along with images of works, it includes analyzes of texts by authors from various fields such as communication, cultural studies, science and literature, and also, art. The final result resembles a curatorship connecting different sources, across multiple time axes, structured with quotes, comments and pictures. The objective is to provide a framework for reflection on the ability of art to provoke conceptual shifts and deterritorialise epistemological frames. This publication is the result of research for the author’s master degree.


  • Maps to Disorient and Territorialize Environments and Bodies

    In this thesis, the artworks were observed as maps that disorient because they question determinations. These maps are unfinished, because they are always ready for new connections. The artistic actions, when creating new concepts, strategies and metaphors destabilize identity categories and classifications previously known. The thesis is organized from three encounters that trigger debates and insights, generating new creative processes. The encounter happened between: Jorge Macchi and Alva Noë; Lee Ufan and António Damásio; Silvia Bächli and William Hirstein and Vilayanur S. Ramachandran. The artworks that I produced from the insights complement the research and can be seen as reflections, sensitive developments of the issues presented in the thesis.

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